Open Season


Brothers, my brothers love I got for you. To the ones “locked down” and bars blocking your freedom, despite your decision or gavel declaring you guilty, your head you must keep up. To the single fathers learning your way of raising your little girls and boys, don’t quit lift them up, rear them the right way. Teach them to respect themselves and others. Teach them to love themselves first through any flaws. For the brothers who hustle hiding a fear of being broke or not wanting to work for the “man” your mentality could be admirable but it’s not appealing. Use the steadfast hustlers mindset and take your talents to a new height, legally. No doubt you have what it takes, the fire the street-wise demeanor to be an entrepreneur and not an enemy. You see it’s Open Season out here, there are people hunting for you, they don’t want to see you do good, don’t let them stop you. No matter your higher education or blue collar way of living, you are a target. Sad to say but I’m saying it, I’m writing it, and I’m telling you, you are being hunted. The animalistic attitude from the trigger happy trying to keep you in cages is out there. Take a stand, branch out but pick your battles wisely. Don’t kill your own, don’t kill for kicks and fun, put down that weapon brother and use your intelligence as armor. Pick up that book or that job application and apply your knowledge a different way. There are people rooting for you brothers, not everyone wants to see you fail. It’s history, it’s civil rights, it’s water hoses, whites only lunch counters, police brutality, lack of education, poverty stricken hoods that projects border in the truth, it’s all history brothers. Write your own story, get past statistics and teach a new lesson, learn from it. This Open Season of no brother is safe doesn’t have to be. Change has to be the season, laws that are enforced need to be the season. You are a hunted prey publicized like a predator. No more, no more. Your life matters, skin deliciously stained in blackness matters. And brother, YOU matter.


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